Friday, September 14, 2007

Are you a negotiator?

(Note: For those not in the know,this lemon-n-chilly combo is supposed to ward off bad luck)

Thought for the day: There's no half-singing in the shower, you're either a rock star or an opera diva.

Do you ever stop to think – we are born negotiators? Perhaps it is because I’ve now been in the Purchase field out here since the last five years, buying everything from shoes and helmets to swimming pools, Jacuzzis, saunas and aircon equipment to name a few, but, if I put it in the perspective of our own lives, I feel this way. For example:

(I’m not mentioning the normal negotiations when bargaining at shops and vegetable markets)

The infant negotiates with his parents, by using his purchase skills- of crying, laughing joyously, to get his ‘milky way’, or, that sweet sounding toy. The parents do the same thing, the other way round- by offering these, err ‘things’ as a reward if the lil one says his or her first words, turns over smartly, et al.

After a few months, he gets better rewards if he demos his skills of turning over, pointing to the fan, clapping, shaking hands, et al. (And, again, the other way round, parents negotiate with him by offering him things, if he does his tricks)

Come school/college days, and, the ‘kid’ looks for pocket money et al in return for studying well, topping in class and so on. Or, the kid wants to go play with his friends during study hours, and so he/she wants to ask Mom’ What do I need to do so that you allow me to play at that time?’ As the years pass, the rewards/ demands keep going up, along with the expectations.

Come ‘boyfriending/girlfriending’ time, and, the negotiations continue….I’ll buy you that bracelet(For eg) if you give me a kiss, and, err….well, no more details needed- negotiations go deeper as time passes, depending on the,err, inclinations? .

Get married, and again, it’s negotiation time- you manage the finances, I’ll ensure you don’t go hungry. Or, the same purchase sprees required with rewards built in. Or, negotiate to save enough to build a house.

Get old, and, your grandchildren are negotiating with you….get us that toy and we’ll play with you. And, vice versa. Also, the children negotiate- behave yourselves, parents, and we might condescend to put you in a nice ole folks’ home, or, we might allow you to stay with us.(Today’s trends?)

Finally, negotiate with God- if you let me live, I’ll promote this much goodness all around, feed beggars and so on. And, God keeps smiling and debating.

And, I didn’t even mention the negotiations I do at work with our suppliers(There’s a post planned one day, in the near future- a few lines wouldn’t do justice to the suppliers in this lively city)….LOL.

What do you think? Look at your lives- does a single day pass without your negotiating something with someone? And, once you look at life from that angle, do you feel it is at full of, err, life, or, do you feel it is dreary?


I definitely thought my caption was better than the prize winner this time. But, interpreting the selections correctly, I think they prefer to select the one which is closest to what the person might actually be saying, rather than a humorous one.


End jokes:

Why a man would want a wife is a big mystery to some people. Why a man would want two wives is a bigamystery.


During his examination of a newly arrived Viennese immigrant, the gynecologist inquired, "Have you had a checkup within the past year?" "I don't believe so, darlink," she said. "Just an occasional Hungarian or two."
There was this tortoise who had been rap*d by two snails. On being asked by the police to describe them, he said' I can't-it happened too fast'.
Fred:Jim, your bald head reminds me of my wife's bum.
Jim:(Runs hand over his head): By golly, you're right!
Till next time,keep smiling.


Arunima said...

yes, even realtionships (boyfriend-girlfriend)are about negotiations.

Arunima said...

I am a rock star in the bathroom:-)

twilight said...

Interesting read and the jokes had me chuckling :)

Yes negotiations is right - in every single relationship - it's all give and take and very rarely simply "give" without expectations.

cj° said...

haha, ur blog rocks, buddy!
it rocks with life!
and I didn't think my views will ever interest anyone on the inet. wacko told me to blog. and u see, i just started, thankyou so much for reading!

Lolly said...

Negotiations with compromise, yes indeed. Except with my expectations from me there.

shooting star said...

nice post...thoughtful one too..negotiator..hmm more of adjustment..that we do in our daily life.....
and....i only write when i get some things in my head to my posts are abundant at times and very scarce in frequency at other is on you to add on blogroll :P

austere said...

still as cover them up pretty well, I think.

wacko said...

true indeed! i could almost retrace my life back until the boyfriending/grlfriending point..and it all sounded so if u've just read my mind..rock on!

Keshi said...

I dun think Love is abt negotiations..not REAL love anyways. R'ships fail when partners bring negotiations to the table...dun u think Amit? I mean there r few sacrifices u hv to make in a r'ship, but I dun think they r negotiations...r they?


Ps said...

Hi Amit,
Thanks for stopping by.This was an interesting perspective but I do not agree at all!
*pocket money et al in return for studying well, topping in class and so on. Or, the kid wants to go play with his friends during study hours, and so he/she wants to ask Mom’ What do I need to do so that you allow me to play at that time?’ As the years pass, the rewards/ demands keep going up, along with the expectations.*

I'm horrified that parents offer pocket money for studying well--Oh my God! how can parents bribe their own kids?!!And I would presume that it is really pathetic if parents 'control' the playtime of kids by asking them to 'do such and such a thing' in return.According to me, it completely a wrong way of parenting..But hey--each person has their own views, right?And when it comes to kids, many parents are doing it because THEY believe it is the best way.
I work with children and do workshops on thinking skills.I also write articles on parenting and raising smarter kids and things like that.
In the end, whatever the parent thinks is right may be right for THEIR child.(For example I have come across parents who DO NOT want their kids to study too mauch as they want them to sit in their shop and look after the business.Parents are worried that if the child studies too hard he might not want to handle the business.I was shocked--but for them it is the right thing)
Let me stop before this comment becomes longer than your blog post!!

Kunjal said...

Hi! i have started reading your blog some time back!!honestly I am hooked!!!its alwasy refreshing to read ur blog!!!

Marlee said...

At the moment im trying to negotiate for some leaves at work! :-/ yes, I agree, every damn thing in life is abt negotiations...I used to do it with my parents as a kid :-D

Boy girl relationships- Im not too sure abt that...I am optimistic and feel that true love is only abt love.

AmitL said...

Hi,Arunima,u're soo right..and,LOL at the rock star part..would luv to hear a recording one day.:)
Hi,Twilight...tks soo much..and,your views on negotiations are soo true.
Hi,CJ..tks,buddy.:)I think u write,keep it up.
Hi,Lolly..u hit the nail on the head...the Higher Power-no expectations from anyone's so nice.:)
Hi,SS..well,I noted that..but,I hope you get more n more things in your mind,to write about.:)Will add u to the blogroll,on 'probation'basis..grin.:)
Hi,Wacko...tks..I love to read minds.:)
Hi,Keshi..well,it should be give n take,but,usually one of the ego's turns out to be the higher of the two,and,then,the troubles begin,na?
Hi,PJ..I noted your point..but,I've seen these negotiations happen too many,they Are a fact of life.It's so nice to read about what you do...a nice contribution to society.Will be visiting ur blog more often,as I said.:)
Hi,Kunjal...tks sooo much.:)You're always welcome.
Hi,Marlee..Nice to know your views.Grin at your negotiations with ur parents as a kid.:)