Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Thought for the day: Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.-Mark Twain

Some posts back, I was talking about how we refer to people as ‘Till yesterday, he/she was this small’, and added how we say it for buildings in Dubai. Well, today I am saying it for my blog. Exactly four years back, I had written my first post on 23.08.2003.*applause*..grin.

Back in 2003, I had been missing my hobby of writing to magazines and papers, ever since I had arrived in Dubai, since either mags and papers here were(are) double or more of their price in India, or, they were not available. There was a time in the nineties when I used to write around 35-40 letters to the editor a month, with a number of them getting published. (A post on that some other day)
What is it about blogs that is so addictive?Any answers?Mine is' the pleasure of having our own personal space to write in,free of editors'.

The first post had been about penpals (And, memories of those penpals deserves another set of posts) and had attracted five comments, leading to a lot of excitement for me.(Well, comments are exciting, even today-tells you what people appreciate or dislike about your writing, na?). I followed this up with a post on my favourite soap of that time(Chhupa Rustam), a post on how people in real life love to give their opinions and another post on Dxing, another bygone hobby of mine, from the days of no-TV-no-video-hence-shortwave.

As I kept blog-surfing and reading, I continued to feel amazed at the vast talent available all over India and the world(and, still do), with people writing on such a variety of topics and so well.(I guess one reason is, there's no editor for most blogs, so, a person's thoughts really get expressed correctly, and not with editing)

Walk down memory lane: (In advance, my apologies to any people I missed out)

My initial inspirations for blogging and continuing the activity had been(to name a few of the’ prominent’ ones of those days): (Special note: Note the unusual names):

Jottingz, Pixel(Earlier Somersault Summersault), Wanderer, Wonderbug, Starlight, SwNe, Moodswings(Or, Maddyji), Alpha(Now in second avatar as Alpha-2) to name a few, each one unique in their own way. If one used to write about life as a doctor, first kisses and tongueniques, another would write about refreshing showers and towelling were, while another would describe life in her hostel and another would write nice short stories, and yet another would be nicely philosophical. Some used to get 80+ comments even in those days, especially for the 'masala' posts.*grin*. Then, there was also a blog war with bloggers siding one or the other till it died down- I could almost imagine .

Pixel was the first UAE blogger I came to know, and we arranged the first blog meet in Emirates Tower, where Ashi, Manu, Pixel and myself were present and had a grand time. After this, there were regular DBMs at Starbucks, Burjuman, Pizza Hut, to name a few. We also went for a mini-DBM to KKJ's place last year.(Reminds me, time to plan a DBM one of these days.)

Came across quite a few good bloggers in these meets, including Dreamz, KKJ, Lazydad, Curious, Lee, Godo , to name a few, besides the people mentioned above, leading to my favourite quote' Dubai bloggers are basically nice people'.
There was one blogger meet in particular, where only me and Manu were present, and my report on that post generated lots of excitement, since it covered gossip.(LOL..I’ll put up the link if I can trace it in the archives) of the first order.

Each day, each blog was and always will be a voyage of discovery in itself, with people’s emotions ranging from happiness to sadness to suicidal, but each one expressing himself or herself very lucidly,even in their confusion.

Many bloggers have become good friends, be it after meeting or e-mail-ically, or, IM-ically,I can't really cover everyone in this post, but, thanks go out to all the above people, plus, the ones you can see on my blogroll. Thanks for 'being there'.

Special thanks: Mehak, Red, also my IM/email pals: *cheers*

How long will I continue blogging? As long as I can, I guess, unless something drastic happens and forces me to quit-like, 'the end of broadband', 'the IIIrd WW(Hopefully that'll never happen), the end of the WWW, et al. And, I definitely hope all others who're blogging today, will continue as well, *until death do us part*,dramatically speaking.*grin*-

So, have a great day, everyone. Happy Blogging.


Man: Your body is like a temple.
Woman: Sorry, there are no services today.
A condominium is not the smallest size they make.
Instructor lecturing on self-examination of the br*ast or t*sticles.
The sole female asks the two guys: Tell me guys, do you ever get aroused when you do self-examination of your test*cles?
Guys: Yes.
She: So, what do you do about it?
Them: Nothing
She: You mean 'it' goes down without an orga*m also?
Them: Yes, of course.
She: Wait till i get home- I'm going to KILL my husband.
Till next time, keep smiling.


Alka said...

And I am reading your blog religiously for so many years and still you are not getting boring. And where are your super pics? I used to copy some of them. :-)

Alpha said...

GREAT GOING!!! and many congrats (precisely fours in all). Thansk for being around Amit, its always great to have a rock solid person anywhere you are...blogging has been great...cheers!

Red Soul said...

oh my god 4th birthday :D:D:D:D HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOGGIE :D:D:D

I'll be back again, but now Red has to go shopping, for herself and home, shoes and photo frames to hang in the house.. make it look chic-er ;) my remaining vacation project :D

wacko said...

good going man! bloggin is wonderful no doubt!

Keshi said...

Amit r u writing all this infront of the mirror? LOL!

Happy Anniversary mate!


ektaran said...

Birthday Wishes...amitsmusings....:)

LOL@ the pic...need to fwd this to some shitty ppl :p

irresistibly desired...wah wah *dreaming*

Ohh 35-40 letters a month...thats commendable...I just love your interest for quizzes & contests!! Keep the Spirit Alive!!!

Special thanks!! *ahem ahem*

'how long will I continue blogging'...ha ha ha ha...reasons bade fundu hai...

Love this space......arrey rediffblogs ko bhi thanku bye-bye bol dete :p

Marlee said...

Congratulations! 4 yrs...long time...
i sure hope u continue to Blog coz when I want to read something humourous, i come to ur Blog (courtesy ur jokes)

austere said...

Congratulations, amit.

Red Soul said...

Oh yeah I am here to create that fine balance :D about the world of blogging, I started at like 16... and it was wonderful to see Indian people going places and writing down abt them, and their feelings. I met really amazing people.... the blogworld made me believe in things which I would have otherwise never believed in.... like other ppl r also weird like me ;)

Ayame said...

I thought I lost the link to your blog! Congrats on 4 years of blogging and to many more years!

Neo Amaan said...

awesome man !!
thx for the links btw

AmitL said...

Hi,Alka...tks for that comment..always good to have nice people around.:)The pics?Coming up,as always.

AmitL said...

Hi,AlphaTwin..Tks for that comment.:)Grt to have you around as well.:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Red...tks..and,hope your shopping went off fabulously,including the photo frames for a 'chic'er(love that word) look.Re. the second comment,LOL at 'other people are also weird like me'.:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Wacko..yes,it is.:)

AmitL said...

Hi,'d you ever guess?ROFL.

AmitL said...

Hi,Ektaran...tks for all the wishes,for liking the thought,and,saying 'Love this space'..and,oops,I forgot to say thank you to rediffblogs..will do,in next post.

AmitL said...

Hi,Marlee..yes,a long time,which has just flown by...and,that's a nice reason to come to my blog.:)

AmitL said...


AmitL said...

Hi,Ayame..grt to see you posts from you since quite some time.And,hope you stored the link to my blog.:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Neo..tks and hope u found the link useful.

kaush said...

congrats on ye 4th birthday! gosh I remember the golden era of blogging when I made so many friends, some of the VBMs we used to have and so much fun too! Then there was a lull and now again I am starting to get back there again! Long live blogabad!