Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cranks Continued

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Thought for the day: Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems. …Scott Adams

The captions for this week’s contest in Xpress4me are ongoing. Here’s the link. Anyone wants to email their contribution to the paper, they’re most welcome. How’s mine ?
Yahoo’s main page says: Back-to-school: Laptops, Cell Phones, Backpacks.
Now, the third one, I understand, but, the first two, in school? And, that too, like they’re advertising for paint and crayons and notebooks(Paper ones)??
Continuing the crank-list from the previous post, here’s the second one.
We have this 24-hrs supermarket downstairs. And, there’s this lady who totals up the bill on the cash register, and whatever amount you give, she asks for ‘change’. I decided to ensure she doesn’t ask yesterday, I went, with 4 coins of 1 AED each, to meet any eventuality, and, what do you know? The bill was AED 19.50/, so she wants 50 fils change. If there was a currency shortage, I wouldn’t mind, but, the cash registers got more change than I’ve seen in any other supermarket, most of the time. As I said, on some days, the cranks are really out to see how they can bug me.
Speaking of supermarkets, most of them here, have the veggie section right next to the non-veggie. So, I can’t help but pass by the fishy section, when going to the veggie one. Seeing the sad wide open(I think) eyes of the fishes, I wonder what their last thoughts were when they were caught? I think they’d say ‘Oh, and we trusted you humans that you were feeding us good food, not hooking us by using a worm’- hence, their eyes remain shell-shocked, just like in one of our horror movies, where the killer leaves the victim astonished in death.
Still on the fauna kingdom, I wonder what pigeons feed on here? I’ve been lucky enough so far, not to get fully splattered by their, err, droppings, when out for my morning walk, but, when I look at the ground, it’s like someone dropped a big raw egg on the ground. Compare this with our Indian pigeons and their droppings are not so bad(Good?)- easily flicked off using a handkerchief or a tissue. Perhaps they’re also fast food fanatics?
Do you have a desk job? Do you feel exhausted by the end of the day?
No, this is not an ad for Panadol. It’s just something I was wondering today, the middle of the week.

Perhaps the problem is your posture. I checked today, and, whew- the stress on the neck muscles could really be felt, when I put my fingers on the,err, neck- side. The muscles were so taut, that it explained the feeling of zapped-out-edness at the end of the day. Another is the distance of the monitor from your eyes, yet another is the way the monitor is, vis-à-vis your head. If you can tilt the monitor, it’s great. Of course, the less said about office chairs, the better. I’ve yet to see a nice, ergonomically designed chair, which does not make your back suffer. Sometimes I think these chair makers and the local doctors are in cahoots. You know, you modify the chair, I’ll get more patients, and we settle 50-50.
Judge: Why did you hit your husband with a chair?

Wife: I couldn't lift the table.

"Has there been any insanity in your family?""Yes, doctor. My husband thinks he's the boss."----
"My wife doesn't know what she wants."" You're lucky. My wife does."


Till next time,keep smiling.


Shreya said...

You are churning out one post after another!! haha... but I was waiting to hear about that annoying guy. Did he not come in today? :D .. and regarding the sad deli experience, one of the super-markets here has semi-alive crabs piled up in a big metal can where the only way for them to move around is by stepping on other crabs, and so those at the bottom are usually crushed by the thousands on top of them. yuck!

Lolly said...

I get that computer neck & shoulders as well!

Let me know if you'd like some yoga remedies you can do at your desk~k

Keshi said...

LOL @ad for Panadol!


austere said...

You cant tell her "Chutta nahin hai?" The way the autofellas and I owe each other ek- do rupya we'll be in perpetual karmic debt.

Sam said...

lol... nice post.. and i def agree wid u on the section abt teh chair makers and docs!! thanksfully, i go thru regular workouts so that keeps me fine!!

Mona said...

You moved! :)

That lady in supermarket is hillarious :) I hate when I pay for something and they always ask for change. Hello?! When you have a shop or restaurant, you should prepare change ... not everybody will bring change.

AmitL said...

Hi,Shreya...hehe..yes,trying to post regularly,I would say.:)The annoying guy...LOL...will you believe it,he didn't turn up?Must've got some advance news what was in store for him.If he turns up later,I'll let u know...Arghhh at the crabs tale..worse than the fish.

AmitL said...

Hi,Lolly...that's interesting..yes,I'd welcome some yoga remedies(I know u're a yoga enthusiast).

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi...grin at ur LOL.:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-well,u're lucky that the auto fellas there are so nice.Out here,they'll prefer to reduce one item from your shopping list,rather than give you credit.

AmitL said...

Hi,Sam...good to see you here,and do be back..well, u're right where workouts are concerned.I go for long walks,but,sometimes,the chair strain exceeds the walk relief.:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Mona..grt to see ur comment..:)Yes, u're so right-a supermarket is the first place one would expect, to keep change.:)

Mehak said...

I need to say this prayer religiously!!

Winning caption samajh nahin aaye :(

'I wonder what their last thoughts were when they were caught'....awwww

Sahi end jokes :)

AmitL said...

Hi,Mehak..another nice set of comments.:)Tks.Winning caption-exactly-mine was better,na?:)