Monday, August 20, 2007

Chak De

(Doesn't that say a lot for the mindset of these people?)

Thought for the day: Work smarder and not harder and be careful of yor speling.

'Chak De India'- first thoughts when I saw the trailer on TV- 'oh,just another movie attempting to promote sports other than cricket, in a dramatized way'. To be frank, I went to see the movie quite reluctantly, thinking that it would be just another movie, a waste of 25 AED. But, glad to say, I was proved wrong. I left the hall feeling quite elated(Even if it was a momentary victory and that too in reel life) and also hoping that some day, someone in real life would be inspired enough to make our women’s hockey team aspire for the World Cup.

The story, in brief, goes thusly:

Kabir Khan, the Captain of the men’s hockey team, commits the sacrilege of letting his countrymen watch the defeat of India at the hands of our ‘friendly’ neighbour, courtesy a botched up penalty shot, which he thinks he can make and doesn’t. Disgraced, called a ‘gaddar’ (I wonder whether anyone would do that in real life, for hockey? For cricket, yes, they would and do ) he locks up his house and leaves his village.

He returns seven years later, to become the coach of the Indian Women’s Hockey team for the World Cup. The officials are shown discussing the ‘hopeless’ situation, the chairman offering another guy the chance to ‘go for a holiday’ trip, with the team. The rest of the story is all about how Kabir manages to extract the best from a team which has a mix of players right from Punjab to Haryana to Manipur, each with their own idiosyncrasies. In spite of knowing what the ending would be, the movie had edge-of-the-seat excitement, with an equally exciting background musical score. Definitely a must-see for all those who enjoy watching Hindi movies and are on the lookout for 'something different', even if there’re no ‘traditional’ heroines in skimpy clothes, no villains spitting paan, no tomato sauce spurting out of bodies, no slapstick comedy.

I am sure the movie will be given a ‘Lagaan(tax) free’ status very soon.

Other recently seen nice movies: Cheeni Kum(Or, is it Kam?), Partner(TP of the David Dhawan kind), The Marine(Exciting), The Illusionist(Terrific- another must-see),

End joke:

Nervous young man to prospective Dad-in-law:
'Sir, I am asking for your daughter's hole in handy matrimony'.
The 10 things men wish women would say=the last things a woman would ever say:
1.Could our relationship be more physical?I'm tired of just being friends.
2. Go ahead and leave the seat up.I love the feel of cold,wet porcelain.
3. I think hairy b*ms are really se*y.
4. Wow, get a whiff of that one! Do it again.
5. Please don't throw away that ole Tshirt-the holes in the armpits are soo cute.
6. This diamond is much too big.
7. I won't even put my lips on that thing unless I get to swallow.
8. Wow,it really is 10 inches.
9. Does this make my b*m look too small?
10. I'm wrong. You must be right again.
(I loved the last one).
Till next time,keep smiling.


shreya said...

I am not reading this post.. you have got Chak De spoilers in it!

Keshi said...

ChakDe was shot in Aus woohoo! :)

btw I must be soo late with movies cos I saw GURU only yday LOL!


mehak said...

Need to watch this one....ab tax free hone ki wait kar leeti hu :p

Deepak Jeswal said...

Just a teeny weeny error - SRK's character is called Kabir KHAN and not Singh...i think the entire problem started off coz he is a Khan (read Muslim) in the film!

Glad u loved the movie - have been recommending it to all and sundry.

LOL@the hole/handy joke...ha ha

ektaran said...

ha ha...nice pic...ofcourse ppl like us who pay their credit card bills on time are the worst customers :)

hole in handy ROFL

I too liked the last one...# 10, Men can't only dream of hearing this one.....yeh hum kabhi nahin bol sakte!!!

Keshi said...

LOL @ #1!

**I won't even put my lips on that thing unless I get to swallow.

hahahahahaha! ewwwwwwwww!


Lolly said...

Mean People Suck...

Nice Ones Keep Going and Swallow ;)

austere said...

Will wait for the tax free status. like a true gujju. :)

Since I've just finished Guru. Cheeni Kam, and Casabl maybe time to watch Mother India or Taj Mahal next. *start from the very begining...*

Sweetstickychewy said...

lol!! i love the 10 things ..:D

***3. I think hairy b*ms are really se*y.

They sure wish women say that..haha.

***7. I won't even put my lips on that thing unless I get to swallow.

Hahaha! It would sure be a real big turn on huh for men. hahaha..:D

Great stuff Amit.:D

AmitL said...

Hi, was not meant to be a Chak De spoiler can see,there's just a summary,not the full review could do that movie justice.

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi..that's something I forgot to mention..lovely locales.:)And,u're not late-I haven't seen Guru till date.

AmitL said...

Mehak,now,don't be soo stingy..taxfree hone mein time bhi lag sakta hai...kal Sunday hai.:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Deepak..correction made.:)Glad u liked the handy joke.

AmitL said...

Hi,Ektaran...ah,so,you also are a bad credit card too..I had a fine of 100 AED once,on a payment of 40 AED,and since then,I pay immediately.

AmitL said...

Hi, wouldn't say that,right?ROFL.

AmitL said...

Hi,,whatever makes you say that??ROFL.:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy...spoken like a true Gujju baniya,indeed.:)That's a good idea-start from the very beginning...I'll send u a list of the Top 60,which Gulf News gave,in their I.Day special.

AmitL said...

LOL..SweetSC,yes,those would be real turn-ons...cheers..glad u liked the joke.:)