Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Midweek Musings

Just testing to see how posts look out here.

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Thought for the day:A spoon does not know the taste of soup, nor a learned fool the taste of wisdom.

Bigg Boss becomes more interesting in it's last week. I made one error when I predicted the four finalists. (Ravi,Carol,Rupali,Rakhi)...instead of Rupali, it's the Aashique guy,Rahul Roy, who managed to stay 'in', perhaps courtesy the fact that he's a silent observer,nee,khiladi. (Like me?LOL). Any guesses as to the final winner, co-bloggers? I'd guess Carol. (I can see Mehak grr-ing at my not saying Rakhi)

I've been wondering who Bigg Boss himself is? It sounds so much like Jackie Shroff(Remember his polite voice in King Uncle?)..perhaps all will be revealed on Friday? It might not be, if there's going to be a 'next edition'.

Kashmira made a cute quote yesterday' You should take Rakhi's words as seriously as you would take yesterday's newspaper'. LOL. I do wonder, though, how some dialogues from Rakhi, like yesterday's ' My pa*ty's drying outside'(When they're packing a small briefcase(no pun intended) get through unedited and uncensored? Indian television really seems to have come of age.
Cute ad of the week: Baby Sitting With Love and Care...and there's a caricature of a baby with a cute ponytail sticking out from the top of his head.
For some reason, I was reminded of a quote from 'Married to the Kelly's'..the lead star is being taught by his brother-in-law, how to ensure there're no arguments with the fairer sex. He says' Whatever happens, you should only say' I understand exactly how you feel', instead of carrying an argument further. What do you think?Is that the easiest solution to avoid any arguments/enjoy eternal marital bliss?
Till next time, TC.


Keshi said...

heyya Amit :)

**Is that the easiest solution to avoid any arguments/enjoy eternal marital bliss?

it maybe the easiest way to avoid arguments but is that what we wanna do...I mean avoid? Thats like running away from the situation. It's best to talk things over clearly w.o. avoiding anything.


mystic rose said...

is that quote yours?


Ricercar said...

answer to ur last question: stay single.

wonder who kashmira is

Keshi said...

Amit I didnt know u lost ur mum in 1990...Im so sorry to hear abt that. I felt a stab of pain as I read ur comment. I dunno wut I'd do if my mum died...mothers r so very special...I dun think I can live w.o. my mum. Altho Im living w.o. my dad right now, I still hv my mum.

HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ Amit I feel ur pain...

I think life is such a delusion...