Monday, March 09, 2015

Hello Hello

Hello, all,

It's seems like an eternity since I posted here, a place which used to be my favourite place to contemplate and share my views.

So whats up? What's been happening ?

Frankly, I think what has happened is that social media has become so instantaneous that blogs have lost a lot of their charm for most people, except for the die-hards, the avid fans of writing who love to express themselves(What am I saying, I am one of them myself ...LOL) and get reactions from people. There's facebook, where, one can get comments within a moment of posting, sometimes. There's also the fact that facebook is accessed by much more people than blogs are. Hence, we have family, friends, enemies(?),kids, adults, oldies all being on facebook and merrily reading, commenting and posting.

Then there's a media I've never gotten used to...the forty word thingy...twitter....I'm still not getting the hang of it, even though, it must be great to be able to twit, nee, tweet something so concisely in just 40 words, or, to share a link for all to watch/read.

And, there's the pic site- instagram...more photo-centric than most others.

But, all said and then, blogs have their own charm. I remember I used to have great fun, beginning my posts with a quote and a j0kes pic, then penning down a part which I can term the 'main body' of the post, and, end the post with an 'end-joke', which would be a teaser(a good word for sometimes dirty jokes...LOL)....and, then would come the comments from the readers.

I'd surely love to be back here, writing regularly Let's see how it works out. Till the next post, cheerio, and be good...if you can't be good, be careful ...:)


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My Unfinished Life said...

Yes blogs have their own charm...there is a blog world ..where all the non-bloggers would never come therin lies the charm of blogging (apart from fb, twitter and instagram)!!

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