Sunday, June 15, 2014

Back to the Delights of Blogging

Feels good to be back..restarting blogging after more than a year. Thanks to the google team for letting the blog remain as is, for all this time. And, what better way to begin than with a small quote from The Secret? That amazing book, which has the ability to change your life when you really absorb what each of the eminent speakers are saying. Even if 1% seeps in the first time, you can be sure you are on the way to bringing about a dramatic transformation in your life. And, keep watching, reading, enlist for The Secret Scrolls...with technology being the way it is today, you can watch the movie on youtube, read daily messages on twitter, facebook, etc. But, enough for now...if I keep on talking about The Secret and how amazing it is, I'll fill up this post.

Today is a special day. Let me go back in time...seems like 'only a bit' but, in reality, it's been indeed a very long time. It seems just like yesterday.

The Year: 1988. The date: June 15, same as today (which is why I thought today would be a good day to restart writing for/on this blog). 

Me: A fresher, just out of college. 

What I was doing in the morning: Getting ready to go for my first day at work. And, what a thrilling journey it had been. Nearly our whole class of 114 people had applied for the job at Blue Star. From that list, they had screened it down to 64. And, then, after a written test (Test of Reasoning, mathematical ability,etc), followed by a G.D. followed by a first round of interview, the applicants were down from 64 to 16 to 4. The four of us were interviewed by whom I came to know later, was my immediate boss and the Baroda Manager. And, we 4 had  a final interview on June 8, with the Branch Manager. I was the last one to be called in and had gone in, thinking that being called last, I must've been fourth on their merit list. However, imagine my surprise when, after a half hour of discussion, the BM asked 'when can you join?'. I was so astonished, I just smiled and said 'but, sir, you'd be making an offer and all?', and the response was' I'm telling you now. You're selected from your group of 4. When can you join?'. And, I just said' June 15' and we all shook hands and I left.

And, I joined on June 15. The office was in Kalyan, 19, Vishwas Colony, in the Alkapuri Area, which was and still is amongst the poshest areas in Baroda. A lovely office, ground floor based ..I can still vividly remember the reception, the row of tables on the left(Like in a Chair Car of a train, I remember thinking) and the cabins on the left, ending with an open area, where more tables were set and where my seating place was to be. I remember having a great day, getting introduced to the various people in the team, some greeting me with smiles, some with a nod of the head. Had a delightful day, as I remember it, and I remember thanking God for getting me a wonderful job.

And the rest, as they say, is history.  I stayed there for 13.5 years, upto 31 Dec 2001. More anecdotes coming up later. And, my sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to my journey from that delightful day to the day I left. Many of us are still in touch, albeit scattered around the globe.

Let me end with an end joke, as I used to:

First comes yumm.Then I come. Then my sissi. Then I peepee. Then I come again.
Nah,that's not an 'A' joke. It's just the South Indian version of how to spell Mississippi.

Till the next post- have a great day and keep smiling. 


My Unfinished Life said...

Have a great day...its such moments and days that remain in memory for long time :)

AmitL said...


Thank you so much. :)

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