Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Old days vs new days

What do you think? Is life today much better than it used to be or is it more complicatedWas it good in the good ole days, when there were fewer choices? For example: (I’m not contrasting this with today- you all know what’s available today amidst the plethora of choices for each item)

a.Biscuits: Gluco or Monaco. Take your pick. (Krackjack came later and caused a sensation)

b.Chocolates: Cadbury…again, a treat for rare occasions or as a birthday gift.

c.TV channels: Doordarshan.

d.Music: Radio, and, later tape recorders. Take your pick.

e.Top 20 Hindi songs: Cibaca Geet Mala on Radio Ceylon.

f.Hindi video songs: Chitrahaar on Doordarshan, Wednesday and Friday, 8 PM.

g. AirConditioners: Out-of-reach. Only the Richie-rich had them.

h.TV remotes: Out-of-reach. Only the Richie-rich had them. You were lucky if you had a TV.

i.Fridge: Godrej/Gem/Leonard. Again, usually out-of-reach. Usually, a savings of a couple of months would enable you to buy one and then neighbours would drop in to appreciate your new purchase. But, till the fridge came, the icebox was the fridge’s replacement. We used to buy ice from ice depots near Nyayamandir-the ice would have those brown ‘husk powders’ all over, to keep it from melting. They needed to be washed off before putting in the icebox.

j.Water pumps: We were on the second floor. The pump and tank were on the ground floor. When the corporation water came, the chain-pulley system which went to the top(third floor), with the rope and a bucket (a la, a well) would be used. One person would be filling the bucket with water on the ground floor, and another(usually me) would pull it up to our floor and fill the pots n pans and all-the max possible so that they’d last at least two days. Great exercise. That reminds me, the pots(matkas, as they’re called) would be of clay and would keep the water cool. The filter used to be one of those fine jaalis available in the market even today. (No hi-fi R.O. systems and the like)

k.Icecream: Good ole Samrat(The place still exists- nestled amidst the nooks and crannies of the area opposite Nyayamandir in the heart of the city) including the taste of that softy icecream made in an icecream(hand operated) machine. Or, there used to be Kwality, for those rarer occasions.

k.Cold Drinks: Coke/Fanta were kicked out in the early Seventies, I believe. Then, Thums Up ruled the roost. I forget the orange drink companion to Thums Up…what was it?

Feel free to add to the memories….This post to be continued and concluded with a decision- which days were better?


shooting star said...

for me Ice Cream meant mother dairy

lovely recollection :)

austere said...

but my vote is for now, for new things and CHOICE.

~ Lopa said...

Gold Spot :-)

And remember, Sunday morning Rangoli? :-)

Debbie Jones said...

great post.. had fun with this..

Anonymous said...


After a long time.. :)


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