Friday, November 30, 2012

Hello there

Ah..feels nice to be back to blogging..hope to be able to continue..:)

Any Indrajal Comics aficianados out there? Two-three posts back, I wrote @ a site I'd found, where people had uploaded these gems. Now, I was able to find a horde of them as a torrent file and downloaded them all...the oldest one seems to be No. 21...back when these comics cost a princely 70 Paise. Then, they began to cost 1 Re, and so on.(Today, the editions I see once in a while in Crossword, are 100 Rs plus, and, the colors are nowhere close to the originals.

Besides reading the comics themselves, it's also fun to see the ads of those days at the end of these comics. Binaca toothpaste, Ekco sketchpens, Smiley cameras...then, there's the one page comic strips of Henry, the Little King,et al. And, tidbits from Ripley's Believe It Or Not, small filler stories from Akbar-Birbal(IF the Phantom story ends before the fixed number of pages).

Indeed, it's a walk down memory lane to be able to read these gems. Anyone wanting them, let me know-all in PDF form- can email them to you.

Also found a whole load of Enid Blytons(Five Find-Outers,Famous Five, Secret Seven) and Hardy Boys. Besides, Tintin and Asterix series, including those that haven't been published here.

Always nice to have some distractions from the hectic schedules of daily working life, na?

Cheerio..have a great day and catch you soon, with more updates on what's been happening. Will be around your blogs as well, shortly, to catch up on good reading..already did a whirlwind tour today.


shooting star said...

of course i remember indrajaal comics...a nice trip down memory lane...welcome back...I have been u on blogsphere sorely!!!

Lazy Pineapple said...

I too remember Indrajaal comics. I like reading Phantom :) Enid blyton opened a world of wonderful books and adventure when I was young. It was a delight reading asterix and Tintin.

Send me those if you have PDF files of Asterix and Tintin. I guess you still have my email id :)

Good to see you back to blogging.

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