Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Climax:Dear Father

OK- the comments were right- who'll be able to see a Gujarati play in Delhi, for e.g.

So, here's the climax:

Finally, when the couple is at it's wit's end feeling sure that the husband will be arrested, the Inspector says he knows none of them is guilty. He opens the document that his assistant has brought in, and says 'this is a signed document from PR-1. It confirms that he was trying to change a light bulb in the balcony, standing on a stool, and it tipped over, whereupon he fell off the balcony.

No guesses as to the next scene...PR-1 comes home and the couple is totally transformed into taking the utmost care of him. And they all lived happily ever after. And the three stars took a bow, signifying the end of the play.:)


shooting star said...

I always like Happily ever after..and if this play does come to delhi.....i would watch it!!! just for paresh rawal!!

austere said...

anticlimax ho gaya.
that was not a murder inquiry?

Anz said...

What a climax...LOL!