Friday, April 27, 2012

Review:Play:Dear Father

Dear Father is a play which has humour, a bit of thrill and a message. It's all about this modern age couple, and the guy's father who stays with them. Paresh Rawal plays the father.

The play begins with an Inspector(Paresh Rawal, role 2) coming to meet the couple and discuss @ the circumstances surrounding the fall from the balcony of  PR-1. Flashbacks take centrestage now. PR-1 is worried @ his bahu not being back on time and rings up all their friends and relatives. When she finally arrives, a bit after her husband does, they're inundated with anxious calls from these people, asking whether she's back. One thing leads to another and the bahu makes a list of 43 things she does not appreciate @ PR-1...they have a long discussion with the hubby trying desperately not to take sides. Finally, they gang up on PR-1 who decides to stay quiet.

Since he has to be quiet, PR-1 decides to talk on the phone- by randomly picking numbers of people from the obituary column. He calls up sons of the deceased and conveys his condolences and keeps chatting....quite hilarious, when you think of it. And it makes one wonder how none of our film-makers came up with this idea so far.To one son, he says 'Oh..your Dad looks so young ...' and the son replies'the photo is 25 yrs old' he actually derides the son for not having his Dad's latest photo,even.

PR-2(back to the present) first blames the bahu for murdering PR-1...the son,feeling convinced of her guilt, is shown talking to PR-2 and saying 'I will give anything to establish her innocence-upto 10 lakhs'...then PR-1 turns around and blames the guy for murdering PR-1, saying he knew the bahu was innocent. Finally, when the couple is at it's wit's end,.......well, I wouldn't reveal that. That was the climax of the show. :)Do you still want to know it?

The message: Don't mistreat your elders in your bid to run your life through the rat race :)


shooting star said... might email me the ending..since i dont think they will not play a gujarati play in delhi....or they might :P

austere said...

And then?
You must send the producers this review!

Anz said...

You might as well send it via email or put it up here coz as Sushmita said, we won't get to see the play in Delhi.

Good to be back again to read your posts. :)

- BK - said...

Hi, just wondering - was the play in English or Hindi?