Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Play: Dear Father

We saw a Gujarati play for a change..Paresh Rawal in a double role, back on stage after 16 years. The play's title is 'Dear Father'. Saw it at good ole Gandhinagar Gruh, Baroda's traditional theatre from days of yore. Jam-packed, the show was. And, worth it. Watching actors emote on stage is much more interesting than watching them in a movie where there might have been half a dozen takes before a shot was canned, right?

It's a show with a message. A modern couple staying with the guy's aged father...want more of a review? Let me know.


shooting star said...

ofcourse i want a review...and its something else watching plays..for that matter any live entertainment...we are hooked to all the live entertainment nowadays..plays, dance, music.....watch movies rarely in theaters!!


austere said...

aur batao.

Pooja said...

Sounds nice, we, meaning Ditty and I are trying to watch more plays, given Bombay has so many more options.


Eye opener 4 new generation
Hope new couple values oldies n their feelings..emotions ..senti...their forecasting ..values ..etc etc

Worth watchin min 5 times If u understand play in 1st chance then also ..
Awesome !!!!