Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello and Update

Hello what's been happening? I haven't posted since ages, I know. But, frankly, there's been nothing much happening, except on the work front.

For e.g. who wants to read a report like: Got up, had tea, freshened up, left for work, returned from work, had tea, read a Perry Mason, had dinner, watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory/ Seinfeld, fell asleep? Pretty boring, huh? But, believe me, it keeps the mind fresh- no unwanted stress, whatsoever.

I do, of course, want to get back to blogging, writing Letters to Editors(I do write, once in a month or so, but that's too less), competition entries, etc.

More coming up soon. Till then, cheerio.


shooting star said...

have fun working!!!!

life's really very less complicated when we are neck deep in office work!!

Arunima said...

i write about these stuffs only. don't know how to write anything else. :-)

shooting star said...

and finally,.....did the tag of interested in a day of my life...hop on to my blog!!

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