Saturday, December 31, 2011

End Of The Year Post

Hi all....I thought the year must end with a Year-end, here goes:

Happy last day of 2011, everyone. How times have changed. Gone are the days when the year-end meant looking forward to reviews of the 365 days gone by, in newspapers- on all fronts- movies, music, politics,India, the world. Everything's available on the net-reviews, pictures, videos, you name it...and, now in 3D too.(Well, I don't say technology's bad-but, those earlier days were fun too,na?)

Gone too are the days when the last two Wednesdays of the year used to have 8 PM reserved for Ameen Sayani's cheery voice on Binaca/Cibaca Geet Mala's( top 20(Or, was it top 25) songs of the year, to listen to which ears used to get strained if the broadcast from Radio Ceylon was not there. I remember 1-2 years when even noting down how many votes each song got, was a craze and I'd followed suit. Next day, the list would be discussed at school and whether there was merit or not in the choices. Today, FM rules the roost for people who're driving/on the road, though I hardly hear people playing it at home if they have a choice of TV(And, I believe, most people have the choice).

Then, there was the neat habit of sending New Year cards to everyone...going to Archies or the friendly neighbourhood stationery guy, selecting New Year cards, addressing them, sending them off.Now, it's simply an email that conveys a bland New Year wish, or even a SMS. Or, wishes are conveyed via social networking sites(Which, somehow seem to be the most friendly of the lot, specially FB)

Most people will say that they just don't have time for all the niceties of the past. But then, what are we doing different that we did not do in the past that takes up much of our time? I wouldn't be surprised that a bit of introspection would show that it's the TP(time pass)items that occupy people's spare time, rather than the 9 to 530 jobs or routine home-related works.

Ah well- whatever it is, since the change keeps us happy, so be it. If it doesn't, well, you could always revert to the good ole-fashioned ways- buy some New Year cards, meet friends/relatives, read a book, pore over today's newspapers and their recaps of the year gone by, et al. CHOICE-that's the key word.

So, Happy New Year, everyone!Have a great day, week, month, year ahead and many more to come!


austere said...

Sal mubarak!

shooting star said...

new year wishes!!!!

well, i feel its always nice to receive cards....we got one this year...from hubby's juniors...and it felt nice to be at the receiving end of such a gesture!!

Sizzling Hot online said...

Im late again, happy new year! :)

Anonymous said...

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