Monday, December 19, 2011


Why, oh why is it so difficult to get the most basic of tasks done in our city/country? I had a simple requirement- go to the Post Office and get a cheque for a Recurring Deposit that had matured. Was there for two hours and still it did not materialize.

Why? First, there was a queue of 10, all phursat mein people. Secondly, the cashier's computer suddenly conked off for 1/2 hour. Thirdly, the next 2-3 people ahead of me again wanted to chat and chat about options with the guy. Fourthly, he finally said'now it's lunch time- just leave your documents and go', and things'll be ready when you're back. On seeing my form he says' Oh, you're in the wrong queue' The R.D. queue is 4 chairs down the line...and, believe me, I'd asked two people whether this was the right queue.

Off to the R.D. queue- it had another 20 people, I said 'better luck next time', smiled to myself and left.


austere said...

Sayajigunj PO?
next time, take your agent along.

shooting star said... offices generally are helpful though.....

Arunima said...

imagine having 10 things to do in a system like this? i am in that situation right now.

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