Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hello Hello

Does Facebook become a sort of instant blog? I certainly think so. And that is probably why I've been drifting away from my blog, lately. On facebook, one posts-once,twice,thrice in a many times as one feels like. It's not that you can't post on your blog the same way...but, the circle on facebook is surely much wider- from friends to relatives to , yes, indeed, bloggers. You get responses within minutes, and it's one big interactive forum.

And, if one wants to give more excuses for not blogging regularly, there's 'lack of time'...and, that's no excuse, is it? If you love writing , you cannot stay away from blogging. Because you can write freely, write without being afraid of editorial snippings at what you've written, and, you can write on any topic you want.

So, it's decided...await more posts here in the coming days, and await more visits from me to my favourite blogs, as well. Cheers!


shooting star said...

i feel FB is good for micro bloging..but thoughts, experiences..etc etc better expressed at leisurely pace in blogging....!!!

austere said...

Both have their uses-- but nothing beats blogging.

Arunima said...

agreed. But, i do not want the poeple on my friend list to read my blog.