Saturday, September 10, 2011

View from Baroda

Hi all...I know, I know..long time, no write, no visit reason...been in Baroda since 24th. Going back to Dxb for the last time...and, would be back here month-end. Actually, this is one season when taking leave makes no sense, coz of the rains. Any plans made depend on the rain Gods. Otherwise, be prepared- go out, keep a raincoat with you, and things are hunky dory.

Have read @ 10 Perry Masons since I came here. Did a big of magazine reading, too, but, nothing exceptional. Haven't gotten back the mood to really sit and write Letters to them. Ah well, everything will happen in good time, as they say.:)

What else is new with you folks?Will be around your blogs very soon.  Cheerio and TC.


austere said...

Sounds good.
Come back when able to.

shooting star said...

blogging is one thing that should be done take ur time and come back at ur own convenience!!!
me was busy with stuff last month so was also off the blogging radar!!

miss ur jokes though!!!