Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A day in the life of...

‘A day in the life of….’…do you wonder what a day in the life of someone else must be like? Most of the time, we’re absorbed in our own day and look at things from our perspective, our restricted field of vision- our home, our workplace, our route to work. We assume that everyone’s life must be similar. Even when we talk, we talk from what we’ve learned at our workplace-about people, their habits, workstyle, etc and we generalize as if it includes the whole world and tend to look at the world from the same perspective. But the fact remains, everyone’s life is different, everyone’s day passes differently.

The sweeper on the road, the hotelier, the shopkeeper at the grocery, the sweets, the farsaan mart shop, the waiter at the restaurant, the cashier at the same restaurant, the pilot of the aircraft, the air hostess, the school teacher, Big B and the other filmstars in Mumbai- each and everyone has a different beginning and end to the day. Wouldn’t it be good fun to be a part of their day, a la, magazine reporters who spend a day with the stars? Follow them around, see what they do, how their time passes, how they keep themselves happy, what makes them tick.

And, why just our city? Think of other places and how a person’s day must be passing there. Like, one of my favourite places- Matheran- wonder how a person’s day passes there- a person at a luxury hotel, for e.g. Getting up in that heavenly place, inhaling the fresh air(No motor vehicles allowed there, so minimal pollution), knowing one’ s life is elongated due to less pollution. Or, a friend in Delhi/Mumbai/Agra/USA/Australia/Austria….??What must they be doing?

The person/persons might feel that their life is too boring to be looked at, but, from someone else’s prospective, their life, their work might be novel and challenging. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side.

So, what do you say? How about sharing a day in your life with us, on your blog for a start? One working day and one off-day(Sunday/Friday as the case may be). I’ll do a post too, shortly. So, consider yourself tagged- Austy, Poo, Ms R, Sush....and, everyone reading this. Cheerio.:)


austere said...

mostly boring.

Double Inverted Commas said...

You know I have always wondered about that! A day in the life of Shah Rukh Khan maybe :) he he

shooting star said...

I am as intrigued as you are about how some people might spend their days, like a person selling toys at traffic signals or as you have thought, a guy in heavenly andamans.....a good tag..will definitely get on it asap!!!