Thursday, August 18, 2011


Sometimes I really feel that I neglect this lovely little place I have...this blog. And then, I think that this will soon be a place buzzing with activity...with the pieces of the puzzle falling into places exactly as desired, it won't be much time before I'm back to my favourite hobbies- writing here as well as writing to mags/papers.

Speaking of mags and papers, the TOI(Times Of India, for those not in the know) seems to have stopped one of my favourite columns...the Open Space section which used to appear every Sunday. It hasn't appeared since 2 weeks now. It's always fun reading this column. People ask the most interesting questions, and, other people give the most interesting answers. I am, of course, a frequent Q-A giver. In the past, the column used to have even more coverage, with each question having 2-3 answers, and one of them being humorous, even. Later they changed the format at made it a single sensible answer to each question. Even then, it's always a treasure trove of information.

Still on the TOI, have you seen their site Always a nice place to drop in and gain a few insights into philosophy, spirituality, worldliness,et al.

Next trip to Baroda coming up...just six days to go. Time, please fly by!!:)Cheerio and have a nice day!


austere said...

I guess time pressure... sad about open space.

Pooja said...

LOL!!! That cartoon is really funny, and I sorta hope it's true, it will sure suck to die next year! Oh they've stopped that section??? It was a real fun read :)