Monday, July 18, 2011

Poster Man

Bruce Lee, Cheryl Tiegs, Madonna, Beatles, Wham, A Ha, Cindy Lauper….what’s common between these people? Posters. Yes, I used to be an avid poster collector some years back and all these celebs and then some more, used to adorn the walls of my small room in our ancestral home. That is, until we sold off that floor of our ancestral home(for some years, as it turned out to be).

Sun, Upbeat, Jetset, Vibes- these were just some of the youth mags that’d come up with the most dazzling of posters, each week/ month. It’d be something to look forward to, specially when a special issue(priced at the princely price of Rs 5 or Rs 10 max) would come out, with a glossy poster being free with it.

In particular, I was a big fan of The Weekly Sun(Now defunct, I believe, since I don’t spot any issues on the stands when in Baroda/Ahmedabad). A lovely youth magazine, they’d have posters coming out either on simply paper or in glossy form. The most memorable of the glossy ones was a poster of Bruce Lee from ‘Enter The Dragon’, stripes of blood across his chest and all. I think this one lasted the max on the walls it was inspirational to look at Bruce and feel a surge of strength in the mornings, you see. Ahem.

In the early Nineties, when my collection had reached a few hundreds, I suddenly realized that posters no longer had the same charm as they used to…(rather, there were no walls at home where they could be put up, which was the first drawback..haha) and just gave them away one fine day. Except for a few personal favourites.

So tell me, are there any poster collectors still around? Does your room have any posters adorning it’s walls? If yes, do do a post on them with pics, et al. It’d be lovely to see that in these days of everything being on the mobile, even posters, someone still collects these lovely real life posters.

Cheerio. Till next time.


shooting star said...

aaah...your post brings back memories of teenage years...ofcourse I was an avid poster buff.....used to collect and put up posters in my all started with Michael Jackson!!( who else)....he was such a craze during pre teens and then as my music tastes veered towards hard rock, heavy poster heroes too iron maiden, guns n roses etc etc....and one special guy was very long on arnold...he was an inspiration to me in terms of fitness and health(thats why i weight train so muc, now you know!!! :P)

Lazy Pineapple said...

I also had a lot of posters on the walls of my room when I was a teenager..especially WHAM and many of garfield...they were certainly quite expensive...even now Kids do put up posters...

I had to give up this hobby once I moved away from home to study..

austere said...

The Kid sister was a big Aamir Khan fan-- used to dote on a QSQT poster.