Friday, July 08, 2011

Hello again

Whew! It's July already...nearly mid-July, in fact..time continues to fly by. Did  a good bit of blogsurfing today, after quite some time.And it was great fun to get an update on everyone's blogs and what they've been up to..some one's shifted to a new blog, someone to a new home, someone's off to tour  the US of A....and so on.
Whats up with me, you ask? Well...not much...workwise, it's been hectic..which is the only way to enjoy work-life, I feel, rather than having less work and wondering what to do next.

Just finished watching the last 1/2 hr of the Amitabh starrer, Shahenshah..remember the crowds in the halls when it was released? I remember people walking out, wishing such a shahehshah would come in real life and save them from politicians and their shenanigans..well, people still wish the same, I guess. Mankind lives on hope, na? And, what else but hope keeps our country running, looking at the way a few are bleeding it dry, with scams running into a few hundreds of crores every few months.Come to think of it, who'd have thought our country had that kind of money, anyway? I certainly didn't..haha..but then, away from politics, which is a topic I prefer to stay away from, always.
Speaking of crores, how many zeroes in one lakh crores? That's the amount the news reader said has been found so far at a Temple....and, still continuing to be found.Let's see how this find progresses, and where the money finally'd solve the problems of a few of the teeming millions, I'm sure.

I always used to wonder why no restaurants did this? Finally, I read yesterday that a restaurant in UK has come up with this. You can click on the menu and see a photo/projection of the dish you want to check out.Virtual food menus, so to speak. See it, if you like it-order. If not, click to the next...though I can imagine what'd happen to the buttons, if the diners got all excited and wanted to go through the whole menu before deciding...maybe they'll come up with a projection of the menu on a wide screen, next?A great way to whet the appetite, huh? :)
That's all for today..more coming up soon..have a great day.
Thought for the day: Thoughts become things....courtesy...The Secret.


austere said...

Sounds like a good, hectic time...

shooting star said...

since i have been chatting wid u on FB on and off..i know u ARE busy!!!!

Arunima said...

I don't even know how to count the no. of zeroes in these scams or finds.

I was also too tied up with work before my vacation started. i felt i was working every waking moment.but as you said, it was satisfying.