Monday, June 27, 2011


Hello, all...been quite some time since I wrote something. Time's been flying by, and no other excuses. Was in Baroda for 17 nice days, and, returned last Sunday...whew!A whole week has already passed, and still going on..heh heh.

So what's up with everyone? I'll surely visit all my favourite blogs(Ref: Blogroll on right and then some more) in the evening. Just thinking @ what the other free time activities are, that keep me away from my facvourite hobby of writing, the things which come up:

-Facebook: With many friends and relatives there, it's easy to drop a line here and there and catch up on the latest with everyone.

-English serials: Not to say that I've become a couch potato, but, with work pressure being the way it is, the only thing I want to do after MP3ing during my 1 hour walk(morn and evening) is, watch my favourite comedy serials and relax the over-stressed cranium.Hence, I finished the second round of the full set of Seinfeld again, laughed a  lot as usual, and now, am on a bout of 'The King Of Queens'.. it's not that these serials are exceptional. They're about routine, everyday life and events. And, even though they're not Indianized, it's easy to identify with a lot of events in them, since the families in them are just like us ordinary folks..heh heh...with a tinge of madness built in, may I add.

Ah well, more coming up later. Just wanted to break the jinx of not being able to write. Prior to the next post, I'm going blog-visiting-and-commenting. So, please be laying out the red carpet. Cheerio and have a lovely day.


shooting star said...

FB is good time pass and connectivity with friends and family at one go!!!

austere said...

oh yeah, red carpet indeed.

Pooja said...

FB is soooo addictive, not that I am addicted. I personally love snooping on people on Fb :)))) But it's a great way to keep in touch and know what everyone is up to!