Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Movie Review: Chalo Dilli

Chalo Dilli has been running here for more than a week now. So I was quite apprehensive about being the only viewer, even though it was the 3 PM show. However, my worries were unfounded. There were more than 3 rows of seats occupied by people who thoroughly enjoyed the movie, including myself. And, for once, I didn't mind the slurping and chewing and crunching of people sitting behind.
The movie(Chalo Dilli) is by itself an eye-opener(In the sense, I was feeling sleepy during the trailers and once the movie began, my eyes opened). Filled with events one could identify with, right from the word 'go'. Be it a flight diverted to another city due to 'technical reasons' or the TC in a train wanting a bribe in order to grant a seat, pickpockets, beetle juice, rude taxi drivers....all seen through the eyes of Manu (played by the talented Vinay Pathak) and Mihika (Lara Dutta in one of her best roles, I'd say). Manu's a happy go lucky sari salesman while Mihika's the hi flyer businesswoman with her nose(initially) up in the air. Both are on a flight from Mumbai to Delhi, which gets diverted to Jaipur, giving a shock to Mihika when she walks out of the airport, since she'd ignored the in-flight announcement. 

And thus begins the 'chalo dilli' adventure. Right from Mihika hiring a pre-paid taxi with a taxi driver who doesn't want to go to Delhi, to Manu inviting himself into the taxi, the taxi breaking down, lifts being hitched upto a dhaba where Mihika sees village life at it's best/worst, right from oily puris to Manu's post(and during)-dinner belches. She however, begins to enjoy the adventure at some moment in time, and is happy to see the beauty of sunrise.
Thus the adventure continues- a mishap here, a laugh there, a riot caused due to Manu's beetle juice spit, a sizzling Yana gupta item song(sung to the popular 'Laila O Laila(Qurbani) tune, it's a journey that ends with Lara's hubby(cameo by Akshay Kumar) picks them up from their last village jaunt and takes them to Delhi.

The climax did bring a tear to my eye, but I won't say what it was. One thing is guaranteed- after  seeing this movie, you won't say 'Is mein Kaun Si Badi Baat Hai'?
So go ahead, watch it, enjoy it, and walk out feeling refreshed.  This was really one movie I wouldn't mind seeing a second, third, fourth time...
Cheerio. Next post  coming up very soon


shooting star said...

i heard grt reviews of this movie too, lets see if i get to watch in theater ot on TV!!

Arunima said...

ok, let me see if I can catch up on this with friends.

austere said...

intense type movies ka toh overdose ho gaya. Kuch light dekha jaye.

Pooja said...

Oh sounds nice will watch :)