Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello from Baroda

Hello, all!! No posts, in fact, hardly any blogging or facebooking since I reached's been a crazy time, with little bits of work to be done here, there, everywhere..but, good fun.

Let's start with the day of the flight, as usual...good fun, as usual again..:) I'd got an upgrade to business class, thanks to accumulated miles. (This point is mentioned coz there's a co-relation below..haha).

This time, everything at the hotel went like clockwork- I'd worked out the process mentally a number of times, right down to how the packing on the last day would be done, which bags to leave at the hotel baggage zone, etc.( Even the timing of taking the usual tension headache/painkiller medicines right on time...ROFL.) Reached the airport right on time. Admired Terminal 3, as usual. Had nothing much to shop this time, except for dates for a retired Uncle who visits the EME Temple in the early morning. Did that, then just moved around observing, nee, window shopping. Went to the Lounge, where there's some great salads/fruits/tea/sandwiches, et al to be partaken of. And, was down in the Boarding Zone before time, feeling totally relaxed.

Conversations were fun, as usual. Like, a couple discussing @ which people would be allowed in first- the oldies, the disabled, etc. Suddenly, they announced that there'd be a delay of @ 1/2 hour. One Uncle got up and rushed out, saying 'let me do some more shopping'- I could literally see stars in his eyes. The rest of us were patiently waiting. Finally, we boarded after 1/2 hour. Being a privileged person for once, I sauntered in as soon as they announced boarding. Settled in my seat, and whammo..they announced another delay, of @ an hour, courtesy thunderstorms on the route, due to which all flights from Dubai were grounded.(Better that than risk getting hit by lightning, I always say)...people, skeptics as they are, began their guessing games. The economy class ones had to rush to our side and begin talking @ something wrong technically(whew!) with the aircraft. Others were asking for tea(but naturally- we're from Gujarat, na?)...and, the chief purser was patiently explaining that they cannot serve it, since 'it becomes cold as soon as we make it warm'...(What an explanation)..

Did I mention- all this while, us in the B Class(there were just six) were being pampered with juices, dry fruits, tea(yes, tea- and very warm..ahem!!) and apologies being tendered every few minutes. I thanked my lucky stars again for having opted for the free upgrade, though I did wish the Aunty from economy had asked for tea before I began sipping mine- I'd have offered my cup..ah they say 'sip sip par likha hota hai, peene waale ka naam'. And, since it was this class, the option of selecting which movie to see was also there. Began with Action Replayy...quite enjoyable, frankly..all @ the guy (Akshay K)who goes back in time to bring his parents together so that what is meant to happen, does happen.

The flight did take off @ the time the movie ended-maybe 20 mins earlier. (which means it was @ 1.5 hrs late..for those  who're 'technically minded' heh heh) In between, two people were off-loaded by the pilot, when their nuisance value and complaints became too much. (Pity- it was just 10 minutes before we took off..they should've been more patient..maybe they thought they'd catch an auto to Ahmedabad from Dubai, since no flights were leaving??:) )

Time for the next movie- I picked 'Band Baaja Baaraat'- had missed seeing that when released. And, no regrets- a totally refreshing movie, good star cast(newcomers Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma...running a wedding planner agency called 'Shaadi Mubaarak', which turns out to be a successful venture. We landed just before the usual twist in the tale which makes a movie sad for a while, happened...maybe I'll see the balance part on it worth it, people, or is the first part the best part?

Smooth exit from airport(It's always great, ever since they inaugurated the new one), pick-up was waiting..and reached Baroda by 730 AM, instead of the usual 530 AM. Ah was a nice complaints.

Next part coming up...I'm longing to first go around all my favourite blogs and see what I've missed these last few days. Cheerio!Have a nice day.


shooting star said...

being in business class is great aint it...and best part is when u get the free upgrade!!!....
i had a wonderful time(but only once!) when i was upgraded to business class!!!

austere said...

So two movies and chai and whatnot!
Why were those ppl offloaded?

AmitL said...

Sush,you're so is great..though I do wish they would have the same class for all,rather than limit it to a few.Plus, when it's a free upgrade, it's great.heh heh.
Austy-yes, indeed- two movies, chai,etc. The people were offloaded coz of the commotion they were creating @ the flight being late, and their not being convinced @ thunderstorms,etc.:)

hibuddy.sourabh said...

Liked the column especially the observation about "people's guessing games about reason for flight being late."