Monday, April 04, 2011


Some days, they really decide ‘let’s test Amit’s patience’. I refer, of course, to the general populace, not any specific people. Take yesterday, for example.

Went to a nice Indian restaurant for dinner that I frequent now and then, ever since I came to Dubai. Ordered a club sandwich. 15 minutes passed. I signaled the waiter, whom I know since the past 9+ years. He shows 2 bent fingers, meaning ‘a few more minutes, Saar’. Another 15 minutes- someone comes out from the kitchen and tells the boss that they don’t have ??butter/light mayo, whatever. The ‘Maun Vrut’(fast of silence) waiter is still standing where he was, observing this. Off goes someone to get the material. Another 15 mins. Finally, the sandwich comes after 45 minutes(Ok, it was worth the price, but not worth the time, surely? And, I wasn’t even carrying any mags/papers to read).

Ok-while I’m waiting, this 50+ aged guy and sits bang opposite me and orders aalu-mattar(Potato-peas) and chapatti. Since his food came in 5 minutes(apparently, he had called and asked them to keep the sabzi ready, since he was in a hurry-yes, aisa bhi hota hai hamaare Dubai mein), bored ole me was observing him eat, by glancing at his plate now and then(and, probably wishing I’d ordered the same, rather than wait for a SS (silly sandwich).

And, I wasn’t disappointed-got my smiles of the day(internal of course). This fellow first spills some of the aaloo-mattar onto the plate. Then, he picks up 1 pea/matter with 2 fingers, puts in his mouth(like we eat rasgullas, perhaps) and goes ‘chhap chhap chhap chhap’(You know, the sound some make when eating). Then, he wipes his fingers(Yes, wipes) on the chapatti, rips off that piece and chews it chomp chomp chomp. Then, the same routine again. One mattar/pea between fingers, chhap chhap chhap chhap, wipe fingers, eat chapatti. What mechanical precision.

Finally the sandwich came!

Lessons:1) Always order as per the restaurant’s origins/specialities. This one’s a Mangalorean base, Punjabi restaurant. Hence, order S. Indian/Punjabi only.

2) Pick a seat that’s close to either the washbasin or the kitchen entrance. Others avoid sitting there, and you can avoid the aloo-mattar kind of spectacle.

3)Patience level limit: 20-25 minutes only. Anything more, cancel order and order something simpler.(though what could be simpler than a sandwich? Beats me!)

Any other conclusions?


shooting star said...

hmmmmm....yess, sometimes it i had gone for a lunch during office hours and ordered lasagna, it came after full 50 minutes ....poor me only had another 10 minutes to eat it up and get back to office, the lasagna was heavenly and also worth the wait..but certainly not during office lunch time!!!....thankfully the cafe was located on ground floor of the building my office was on!! could make it bck to office in nick of time!!

Arunima said...

for all the travelling that my dad has done, he has bad table manners. we have never been able to correct him. We have given up, but he hasn't.

your alloo mattar guy reminded me of my dad. not that he eats like that, but ...:-)

once a restaurant took too long to serve me burger. I asked them if they are baking the buns too :-)

Anonymous said...

You seriously waited 45 bloody minutes for a sandwich? Hats off! I'd have die of bhook then and there or made a big show

Anz said...

I can't believe it, you actually waited for 45 minutes for a sandwich?

Guess your meditation/yoga classes really working there ;)...but if the wait was well worth it, I too would have waited :D...Food ke liye kuch bhi karega! ha ha ha

shooting star said...

i have got an award waiting for u at my blog, check out!!!