Sunday, March 27, 2011


It all began with Eve..err, no, that’s another topic. What I’m referring to today is eve-mails, nee, emails. It all began in the Nineties, with hotmail and yahoo.

I remember the first internet connection we got- Satyam online. And, the first email account I opened was hotmail. They gave a ‘massive’ storage space of 2 MBs back then, and we were impressed. That is, until yahoo decide to upgrade storage space from 2 MB to 6 MB-and we let out a yelp of delight when their email informing us of this big upgrade came in. 6 MBs- wow…6 whole Megabytes, i.e. 6*1024 kilo Bytes i.e. 10 raised to 6

I remember printing the ‘welcome’ emails from both hot and yah. In fact, I remember printing a lot of the other emails as well, that came in from friends/relatives and keeping them nicely filed. (Incidentally, I used to store all my penpals’ handwritten mails as well, prior to email taking over..some are still preserved, and make for delightful reading for school/college day memories). Then, there were prints of ‘welcome’ mails from websites like , sites still doing great, btw…try visiting them and getting addicted ), et al.

Every 3-4 weeks (or less), it would be ‘clean up’ time, so that more space could be freed up for more emails to come in. Each time someone sent a big attachment, there’d be a warning’ Your account has exceeded the allowed free space’ or something to that effect. And, immediate action was required, if access to emails was to continue.

Besides hotmail and yahoo, there were those that became defunct while the ‘hefty’ ones survived- ‘’(maybe this one’s still running?), ‘’(They used to pay for each email you accessed..grin grin…but they soon closed shop, for obvious reasons..I remember getting 2-3 cheques from them, for 25 bucks, 50 bucks, etc), zapakmail,,, aol, aim,indiatimes,…an endless list-each one special in their own way, each one having some special feature. (Not mentioned-the websites that offered a mailbox)

What @ today?

Gmail accepts attachments (send and receive) of 25 MB. The storage space allowed today is 7565 MB. Quite a far cry from 2 and 6 MB, na? The same or more probably applies to the rest. And, we still end up with 25-50% of mailboxes being full.

I decided to do some spring cleaning over the weekend that just passed. And, imagine my horror on seeing what I had to review, if I decided to progress:

Quantity of emails on various email ids: 5031, 462,2421,481,67,3670,3202,678,1823. i.e. roughly 17800 emails to review and delete/keep. Began with just the rediff inbox, and gave up after @ 15…better to let sleeping dogs lie, as they say. When I need some data, I could always do a search by typing in the keywords, or, if I know the sender’s email id, it’s easy to search emails by sorting according to ‘From’, right?

Note: I did get the express thought of ‘select all’ and ‘delete’, so that I could start afresh with all these ids, but, Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin…what if there’s an email with passwords for some site that I’ve forgotten, what if there’s an email with jokes that I want to share on my jokes blog, what if there’s a cartoon strip that’ll give me the laugh of the day, et al? So, on we go…no mails were deleted.

Why so many ids, you ask? Well, being the perfectionist that I like to be(and create chaos occasionally…hahaha), I have, for e.g. one gmail id for family/friends mails.

One id is for newspapers( e-versions- asian age, Indian express, etc) and ‘good forum’ emails,

One id is for joke forums(veggie, non-veggie, PJs, adult puns, normal puns),

One is for ‘groups’ that I’m so far just a silent spectator(reader) of- like some yahoo groups, etc, but just don’t have the will to contribute to, yet, probably because I know that once I do, it’ll become an obsession.

One id is for all the job sites I’m subscribed to- jobsahead, naukri, jobsdb,etc- no reason, frankly, just to keep up-to-date on one’s market value and to evaluate demand.

One id gives me alerts for comments on FB, and, I also give this id for competition entries, etc.

One id is for comic characters’ comic strips- like, Archie, Charlie Brown…

 Nice, na? Yahoo for emails..:) 


Lazy Pineapple said...

How do you keep track of the username's and passwords? I would go utterly crazy remembering so much stuff...

shooting star said...

quite a trip down memory lane also got thinking on my first times on email business....
thankfully, i got only 3 email account(in addition to the outlook one my office provides) for offical/legal/formal work, one for family and friends and one for all other junk(like subscriptions to various online websites,ets etc)....

AmitL said...

LP. User ids and passwords agreat memory game,na?:)That's, of course, besides the fifty odd cell phone numbers I need to and familywise..heh heh..:)
Sush..thank reminded me- i didn't even remember to mention the office email account, which has about 5000 emails now, from year 2007 on, all archived on the giant server..hhahaha.
Quite liked your idea @ 3 emails to cover all..:)