Monday, August 11, 2008

Jaldi Karo

(Quip for above pic: Aahhh..Temptations!)

One interesting aspect of working with people of all nationalities, is that many of them make the effort, or learn, our usual Hindi phrases. So, we have one Philipino driver, who, whenever he goes to our Accounts Department, tells the guy ‘Arre, Mamu, Kuch Kar Yaar’.(Hey, Mamu, Do Something, Pal)
Then, there are the other phrases like:

- Jaldi Karo (Hurry Up)
- Chai Kidhar Hai?(Where’s the tea?)
- Theek Hai(Ok)
And, not to forget them trying to pronounce our simple Indian names like ‘Paratapachandran Madhuban Pillai’ ---

Thought for the day: Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it - the real thing is the tree…Abraham Lincoln
I was thinking yesterday, in one of my moments of solitude, about how we thrive on incentives. Forget the usual incentives of school studies, to get into college, college studies to get a degree and a good job, work hard at the job to get a good salary/raise/bonus et al. But, in daily life, isn’t everything governed by incentives?

- The stomach needs an incentive(food/drink) to convince it not to harass the brain.
- You need to have something to look forward to, at the end of the day, which will help you finish your work schedules quickly and happily. For example, I look forward to my evening walk in different directions, with the MP3 player headphones plugged in. (The ‘different directions’ are to avoid the monotony or walking round and round in places like a park). Sometimes, there’s a movie on TV which I’ve been longing to see, or, an episode of Comedy Circus on weekends, or, Mr. Bean’s antics or ‘Just for Laughs’ on Pogo, et al- all of which go towards making the day rush past.

-Also, each day ended ,I feel, is:
- One day less in reaching towards the next vacation
- One day less in getting the next salary
- One day more spent in good health and spirits(No pun there- I don’t drink) with no issues of ENT, fever, cough, cold or anything more serious.(Thank God!)

Imagine life without any incentives-no movies,music,good books,friends,good food,calls from special people,meeting special people......back, in the days of the caveman,where inventing fire,wheels,transport,et al were the only incentives...we'd probably not get up from bed at all,throughout the day.(Perhaps that's what happens to some people,including bloggers,on weekends?A total lack of incentives. heh heh).And,then,perhaps life wouldn't be all that bad,too,that way,huh?*muses*

So,tell me,what do you during the day,without incentives?


I loved yesterday's Dilbert- can't locate the comic strip on the net,so,here's the 'thoughts':

Dilbert's telling his pet:
- pic 1: My smartest employees keep disagreeing with me.
- pic 2:Which is weird because great minds usually think alike. They must be slipping.
- pic 3: Sometimes I think I’m not arrogant enough.

(Do you or your manager(s) think thusly??)

Okie,then!!Till the next post,cheerio!!


austere said...

Without incentives? Not possible. Mine are quite mundane- a walk in the park, a new book, a new sub, the serials I watch on telly, movies I've wanted to see.

Without the pics that Dilbert was dheela.

Curious said...

We actually have a good deal here when they try out our lingo.. we get back at them by trying ut their's...

these days into full time, by the time I call quits here... I guess imight even forget the lingo I speak.. ( by that i mean all my p sounds & 'f' sounds have changed to B sounds) :-s

Incentives ofcourse!!! What do i get by commenting here? :D :D a possible treat at DBM's and u also promised a handsome hunk to try the nose soomch remember? :P :))

Solitaire said...

Funny picture!

I once taught my german friend, "hey bhagu" (hey bhagwan for short), a phrase I say regularly. He went to another Indian and told him that he knows something in Hindi and said, "AYY BAGU".

The other person did not understand a thing and this guy came back to me furious!

Keshi said...

definitely! in life we all need the incentives..its like WUT DO I GET FOR DOING THAT? lol!


Anonymous said...

Maslows Theory lives on! He had such a simple explanation for man's desires / needs / wants.. The Need Hierarchy is nothing but about the incentives..


Arunima said...

i want incentives but I will need to ponder on this one to answer it.

I have been lucky to work under very good managers.I have worked for 5 companies.

They have not been arrogant at all.

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-that was lovely-exactly what I'd term as 'real' incentives,not artificial ones.:)
Re. Dilbert,believe me,I signed up for,just to get that comic strip but,couldn't save it.Will put it up one of these days-after all,google kiske liye hai?:)
LOL..Curious,I look forward to hearing u chat in Arabic-perhaps u can teach me a few of the good words(Nah,not the 'f'n'b'ones..LOL).I just know the basic 'marhaba'type words.
As for incentives-wow,that's the only incentive for you to organize a DBM?Well,well..just wait!
ROFL-Sol-Hey Bhagu was soo funny!:)Will teach our Filipino guy that..yesterday,he was saying'Sab mera se door raho-main paagal hoon')-wonder who taught him that?
LOL..Keshi...Yup,indeed-incentives,in some form or the other,make up the fun of life!
Hey,wtml-I did visit ur blog,and loved it..will be back for reading more.Tks for ur visit here-do be back.And,I do believe in Maslow's theory.
Hi,Arunima-you're really lucky-or,perhaps,it's because u're so nice,that others cannot help reciprocating.:)
And,will wait for ur further reply on the topic.:)
Happy pondering!